CCNY Alumni Mentoring

Announcing the Alumni Association of CCNY partnership with The City Tutors. Click here for press release.

The Alumni Association and The City Tutors' City Mentors Program have partnered to offer CCNY students and graduates a way to get quickly connected to industry insiders who can help with career exploration and career transition. We have over 400 mentors from across industries available.

The City Mentors Program is a self-paced mentoring program:
     - Commitment is session by session.
     - Sessions are 30min to an hour.
     - Scheduled at a time convenient, and all done remotely.
     - Mentees can use the service as often as they'd like.
     - This program is great for students looking to learn more about different areas within an industry,
       meet professionals at different seniority levels, and explore various interests.

There are a wide range of mentors available. City Mentors can especially help if you are:
     - A business management/economics/finance major looking to connect with industry insiders
       from top finance or tech firms.
     - A computer science or computer information technology major looking to connect with software engineers,
       UX designers, or product managers.
     - A sociology, social work or psychology majors looking to connect with someone from mental health,
       human resources or social work space, or maybe go into medicine/health.
     - An international studies major or public policy minor looking to meet with someone from the
       UN/international relations field.
     - A student or alumni interested in law and looking to connect with legal professionals.
     - A science major looking to get into research within the private or public sectors.

Want to be a Mentor?

If you are a graduate (2+ years out of college), we are currently looking for more professionals, including those from your industry and with job titles similar to yours, to serve as mentors. You don't need to be based in NYC. All support is remote. Typically mentorship last 2 sessions, each session is 30 mins to 1 hour. To sign up, go here:

If you have additional questions, feel free to schedule a call with Garri Rivkin, Executive Director of The City Tutors, here: