The Townsend Harris Medalists

This award medal is named after the founder of the City College of New York, Townsend Harris. Established in 1933 by the Class of 1906, Townsend Harris Medals are awarded each year at the Alumni Association’s Annual Alumni Gala Dinner to not more than seven alumni for outstanding postgraduate achievement in their chosen fields. Candidates are selected, from nominations, by a special committee comprised of former recipients of the medal and subject to final approval by the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

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Past Winners

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Nomination process and timing

To nominate someone for this award please submit a cover letter and pertinent information, no more than 5 pages in total, for each nominee to The Townsend Harris Medal Committee, c/o: David Covington, Or via mail: The Townsend Harris Medal Committee, The Alumni Association of CCNY, PO Box 177, New York, NY 10027. Email submissions preferred. However, the submission deadline for the current year’s award is the first Friday in March. NOTE: Names of nominees submitted within the past five years are automatically reviewed by the Townsend Harris Medal Committee. Sponsors of these nominees are requested to send to the Alumni Association Office any new data concerning them not included in the original resume