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The purpose of the Alumni Association of CCNY is to promote the general welfare of The City College of The City University of New York and its alumni, to establish beneficial relationships between The City College and its alumni, to advance the principles of public higher education without regard to race, creed, color or national origin, and to promote the ideals enunciated in The Ephebic Oath of the City College. With this mission in mind, The Alumni Association of CCNY seeks to: ENGAGE We generate and sustain meaningful connections among alumni, students, faculty and staff through our many networking events, award ceremonies, and activities. SUPPORT We support current students through scholarships, mentoring and networking opportunities. PROMOTE In all our endeavors, we promote The City College of New York and its interests.

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Our History
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Alumni Board Members

picture of Gary A. Calnek president
Gary A. Calnek 1967


Lawrence S. Greengrass 1973

1st V.P.

Dr. Joyce R. Coppin 1958E

2nd V.P.

Xinpei Qu 1987

3rd V.P.

Shawn Chin-Chance 2003


Edward Jackson 1971


Jacqueline C. Brooks 1980, 1983MFA



Picture of David Covington Executive Director
David Covington

Executive Director

Nina Ferrell

Manager, Events and Social Media

Tamiel Gonsalves

Database Manager

Anthony Svitzer

Office Manager

Trish Lewin

Financial Coordinator