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Welcome to the website of the Alumni Association of The City College of New York. To Association members, please accept my appreciation for your support. To those of you who are not yet members, I invite you to join!

Looking at the seal of our College on the top of this page you may note our school’s motto: “Respice, Adpice, Prospice.” Those words not only apply to our College, but to our Alumni Association as well: “Look back, look at, and look ahead.” Yes, we at the Alumni Association, can look back at our history, our founding as the oldest (1853) public college alumni association in the nation.

We look at our present and note the thousands of graduates who are our current members — many of whom have risen to the top of their field, and then we can look ahead to the programs and services we provide to our members and students (our future).

Our Alumni Association:
  • - Supports current students with scholarships, mentoring opportunities, career panels, Freshman orientation, grants for student related programs, and other activities.
  • - Provides intellectual, cultural, social networking events and honors Alumni for career accomplishments, philanthropy, and service.
  • - Provides a network for the Alumni to achieve common goals of the College and the Alumni Association.
  • - Offers benefits and discounts that are exclusive for our members, which includes the coverage of the events through our magazine, The Alumnus.
  • - Constantly introduces programs and engages enthusiastically in the outreach to support CCNY's “Going Green” campaign.
It is said that you are a student for four years but an alumnus for life!! I hope that you take advantage of the many opportunities to stay connected with our alma mater, and with each other.

With best wishes,


    Donald K. Jordan
    Executive Vice President

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Wed Sep 19, 2012 @06:00PM -
Science Alumni Lecture
Thu Sep 20, 2012 @06:00PM -
Latino Alumni Simon Bolivar Award Dinner

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