Our Mission

The Art Alumni Group is an open-hearted, creative group of Artists and art lovers who are proud of their association and commitment to City College. We closely align ourselves with the Alumni Association's mission which is to promote the general welfare of The City College of The City University of New York and its alumni, to establish beneficial relationships between CCNY and its alumni, to advance public higher education and the interests of students without regard to race, creed, color or national origin, and to promote the ideals enunciated in The Ephebic Oath of The City College. To that end, we maintain a close relationship with the Art and Art Education department at City College and have an active student involvement in our group. We strive to sponsor guest speakers and student scholarships and are always eager to provide career and artist critique to our art students. We have exhibited our work in a variety of galleries around New York. We work closely within our own City College community and have hosted our CCNY Alumni and Student Biennial Exhibition in Aaron Davis Hall since 2003. This past year we proudly presented our Annual Career Achievement Award to CCNY's amazing adjunct professor Hazel Hankin, of the Photography department and a very special alum; Dan Ault. Our first and very special awardee CCNY Professor William Behnken, a master printmaker and inspiring Art department Professor!Some of our earlier recipients include many outstanding CCNY artists and alumni including Professor Emeritus George Preston, founder of the Museum of Art and Origins, Al Loving, Jay Milder as well as a long-standing member of the Art Alumni Group, Anne Stanner. Beth Bailis, Michael Poast, Stefan Stux, Ph.D. owner of Stux Gallery, Frederick Brosen, alum and watercolor artist, whose work is displayed in museums and galleries all over the world. More awardees include Anthony Antonios, Chakaia Booker, Faith Ringgold, and beloved CCNY Art Department Chairs: Harold Rothenberg, Annie Shaver-Crandell, and Elizabeth O'Connor. We take great pride in the diversity of our members. Indeed what connects us most strongly are our differences. We have shared experiences as students and faculty at CCNY, but what connects us most is our diversity: emotionally, intellectually and aesthetically, as well as our gender, age and heritage and the various media we use to express ourselves. Art making and viewing helps us learn about ourselves and each other. What we think about and what we chose to share with each other are the generous gifts of our individuality. This connection (our desire to learn about ourselves and our world) is we feel, our strong suite as well as our legacy of the time we spend at The City College. We are always seeking new and exciting artistic adventures to enjoy and always thinking about student participation and and offering support for our student population, by partnering with the Art Department to sponsor Artist Talks and Walks and the Museum Studies department by inviting students to curate our Art Exhibitions, which always include student work.

Our Board Members

  • Randy Brozen ’01MFA, President
  • Beth Bailis ’83, ’96MFA 1st Vice President
  • OPEN : Secretary
  • Anne Stanner ’79 MFA, Treasurer
  • Jacqueline C. Brooks ’80, Historian
  • Michele Bonelli
  • Carolee Bongiorno
  • Henry Condell ’78
  • Kelly Irwin ’00
  • Jennifer Isaacs ‘98
  • Tony Piscitello, ‘67BS
  • George Nelson Preston’62
  • Marion Rothenberg ‘48E (Emeritus)
  • Amy Scarola ‘78
  • Ken Weir ‘96
  • Lawrence Blumenstein ’78
  • Jacqueline C. Brooks ’83 MFA
  • Irma Ostroff ’96 MFA
  • Panayiotis Petrochilos ’85 ’93
  • Mary Cathryn Roth ’96 MFA