The CWE Alumni Group is an affiliate of the City College Alumni Association.

The goal of the Group is to strengthen and sustain the relationship between the CWE alumni and students. This is done through social events, workshops, mentoring, scholarships, and communication. The CWE Alumni Group offers exciting and varied programs of interest to its alumni.

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The City College Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education is home to over 2,300 graduates in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Early Childhood. The Office of Alumni Relations is dedicated to serving this community.

A Message from the CWE Alumni Group

In the Spring 1995, the Center for Worker Education Alumni group held its first annual meeting. The group that convened that evening shared a commitment to the original mission of CWE, as the Center has affectionately come to be known: a sense of obligation to other working people who desire a college education and degree, but, for numerous reasons and choices, are not able to attend more traditional colleges with more traditional students.


At the Center we found a place with a curriculum and academic services that placed the interest of working adults in the forefront and valued our perspectives and life experiences.We offer ourselves as living testimony to the power of opportunity – the opportunity to study in challenging courses with engaging professors in a dignified environment. Many of us have used our degrees and all the intellectual accouterments gained at CWE to enrich our lives and communities in a variety of ways. The opportunities that we experienced should be open to every working adult who wants to meet the challenge. Our alumni group is committed to advocating that the Center remains a viable, top-notch program for working adults for many years to come. -The CWE Alumni Group

CWE Events

01 Nov 2016
06:00PM -
CWE Executive Board Meeting
10 Nov 2016
07:00PM -
CWE The Color Purple Event
15 Nov 2016
05:00PM - 08:00PM
CWE Fall Bake Sale
01 Dec 2016
04:00PM - 07:00PM
CWE World Aids Day
13 Dec 2016
06:00PM -
CWE #2 Board Meeting
25 Dec 2016
12:00PM - 03:00PM
CWE 5th Annual Christmas Day Free Lunch & Clothing Drive
10 Jan 2017
06:00PM -
CWE #2 General Meeting
19 Jan 2017
06:00AM -
CWE #3 Board Meeting